About Us

Over the last 20 years, The Capital Corporation® has established itself as one of the premier, lower middle market investment banking firms in the country.  

We specialize in navigating our clients through the complicated and time intensive processes of selling their businesses, acquiring other businesses, and/or securing capital. Our niche is to represent “lower middle market” companies that have revenues between $10 million and $100 million. Over the last two decades, we have continuously refined our networks, approach, and skill-sets needed in order to successfully close transactions with companies of this lower middle market size. Many investment banks shy away from this lower middle market niche due to its complexity and the specificity it requires…We actually gravitate towards it.

Our approach is highly unique. We have assembled the only investment banking team east of the Mississippi who can boast the following attributes in the lower middle market space:

  • A top quartile closing rate across hundreds of lower middle market transactions
  • A broad network of thousands of buyers/investors, including cross-border experience
  • A first-hand understanding of what it is like to own/operate private businesses (given our team’s ownership positions in 30+ companies)
  • A first-hand understanding of what it is like to be a buyer of private companies (including backgrounds of serving as both financial and strategic buyers)
  • A high caliber, blue chip set of investment banking backgrounds from a variety of Wall Street firms
  • An ability to offer our clients specific, industry expertise across 40+ different industries and segments

The unique attributes described above are not by accident. These differentiators are by design, as they feed directly into our time-tested, formula for success. In order to be successful in the lower middle market, we have found that an investment bank must (i) fully leverage the best practices and broad networks of Wall Street, (ii) have a first-hand appreciation for what it is like to operate, buy and sell private businesses, (iii) intimately understand its client’s industry and markets, and (iv) through decades of learning, identify and then consistently avoid the common pitfalls that are unique to closing transactions for lower middle market companies. This formula for success has taken decades to refine and perfect. The result has been a top quartile closing rate in one of the more difficult investment banking niches and a long list of happy clients.  

We would welcome an opportunity to explore if/how we can help you.