If you are a company who is interested in acquiring other companies, we are well positioned to run that buy-side process for you. After we collaborate with you on the targeting criteria (such as geography, size, niche, etc.) of the companies that you would like to acquire, we will complete a comprehensive list of prospective sellers that meet that criteria. We will then proactively contact, screen, diligence, structure, and negotiate the acquisitions of those companies on your behalf. If necessary, we also have the expertise and network to help you finance those acquisitions.

Acquiring a company can accelerate your business plan by a factor of years. Some of the key elements of making sure a buy-side process is executed at a high level is ensuring you exhaust all of your target options before making a decision, thoroughly diligencing each opportunity that surfaces, optimally structuring the transaction, securing funding with as low cost of capital as possible, and having an experienced team in place to make sure you successfully close the transaction.

Members of our team have been both private equity and strategic buyers. We fully appreciate the importance of the targeting, diligence, valuation, structuring, and negotiating processes and can help you successfully navigate around some of the common pitfalls. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about how we can help you accomplish your buy-side goals.