Industry Experience

The Capital Corporation has a distinct competitive advantage over other investment banks that operate in the lower middle market, in that it has established a proprietary approach that allows it to specialize in over 40 industries and segments. Our ability to offer expertise in each of our clients’ unique industries ensures that we will be able to customize each deal team to our specific client's business.

With a customized deal team offering specific expertise in each of our client’s business, we are able to fully appreciate the value of their business and, therefore, are able to successfully articulate, negotiate, and structure that value with a buyer/investor.

A small sample of the 40+ industries/segments in which we can offer deep expertise is provided below. We’d encourage you to ask us if we have expertise in your industry.

                                                               Information Technology                                       Energy           

                                                                   Consumer                                          Distribution & Logistics

                                                                      Finance                                 Food, Restaurants, & Hospitality

                                                                   Healthcare                                       Industrial / Manufacturing

                                                             Aerospace & Defense                          Business & Professional Services