Selling your business is, most likely, the most important transaction you will have in your life. In order to ensure the highest probability of success, it is critical that you engage an investment bank that (i) is intimately aware of the common pitfalls that plague the lower-middle market space and can thereby avoid them, (ii) fully appreciates the unique aspects of both your business and your industry, (iii) can leverage its past experiences and lessons learned from closing hundreds of comparable transactions, and (iv) has a broad network of prospective buyers.

Both our business model and our team are specifically designed with these goals in mind. We have established a proprietary, 72-step process of selling a business that leverages the best practices of the blue chip investment banking firms from Wall Street. This process has led to, what we believe, to be a top quartile closing rate among all U.S. investment banks.

This chart will provide a high-level flow chart of how the sell-side process typically works. We have intentionally left out several aspects of our approach that are proprietary and confidential in nature. However, this overview should provide you with a decent framework of some of the steps that are typically involved.

We have provided a FAQ here and we would be happy to discuss any questions you may have about the process.