We specialize in providing lower-middle market companies with three kinds of services:


    Selling a company is one of the most important decisions a business owner will ever make. The Capital Corporation will tailor a custom strategy that expedites the transaction, maximizes your value and takes into account any shareholder objectives and/or special needs that might exist. With significant experience managing sell-side and divestiture transactions, our Principals provide the knowledge and resources required throughout each stage of the process.


    The Capital Corporation partners with management in developing an acquisition strategy designed to create additional growth and value. A successful acquisition requires extensive industry knowledge, confidence in the evaluation of the business to be acquired, and expertise in optimizing the structure of the transaction. Our Principals assist clients in developing acquisition criteria; identifying potential targets; structuring and negotiating the acquisition terms; and closing the transaction. Whether it is the strategic acquisition of companies, divisions or product lines, our Principals customize each engagement to maximize the value-creation opportunity presented by the acquisition.  If securing capital is necessary to help close an acquisition for our clients, then we offer that service as well.


    If you are interested in securing capital for growth, recapitalization, or refinancing, our team of professionals have the experience to evaluate all of the options available to meet your capital needs and will ensure that the deal is structured to maximize its benefit for your business. We underĀ­stand both the potential sources of capital as well as the capital needs of middle-market companies. Whether that need is debt or equity financing, The Capital Corporation will utilize its network of debt and equity sources to facilitate a successful transaction.