The leadership team at The Capital Corporation® has been assembled in order to provide superior advisory services to private companies in the lower middle market. Our team’s diverse, collective background allows our clients to benefit from a broad suite of value-add experiences, including blue chip investment bankers, private equity buyers, strategic buyers, private business owners, C-level operators, attorneys, accountants, and consultants. This complementary suite of professional experiences has helped The Capital Corporation’s team consummate hundreds of closed transactions for the benefit of its clients.  

We purposely maintain our staffing at levels where we have a limited number of “mouths to feed.” This staffing model creates minimal overhead and it thereby affords us the opportunity to be very selective in the number of clients we bring on. This luxury of being selective allows us to only accept the deals where we have a high confidence level we can meet or exceed our clients’ goals.

It is also worth reiterating that one of our unique differentiators is that our team at The Capital Corporation is extremely client-centric, in that it has/had over 30 ownership positions in private companies. We completely appreciate what it is like to own and operate a private business – We can speak your language. This client-centric perspective pays meaningful dividends in ensuring each of our clients are properly consulted and marketed.

Some of our team member's bios are provided below.

Dan Adams
President and CEO

Devin Green
Chief Operating Officer

John Weston
Chief Financial Officer 

Paul Gallagher



Bob Oliver


Tommy Bennett


Terry Coleman



George E. Moseley



Reschin Graham Moore
Marketing and Communications Director